Just starting your Small Home Business?

Not sure where to begin? A website is the best place to start.

Get yourself and your service/product online to create awareness of your small business and an online place to send potential customers

My Motto is... "Keep it Clean, keep it Simple but make it Dazzling!"

My specialty is relatively cheap WordPress home business website design (aka cheap websites and hosting) because I understand that when you are just starting out, you need the best help with quality advice but not at extreme pricing.

Home Business Websites

Home Business

Starting a new business can be fun, but sometimes daunting... We often don't know where to start?!

Of coarse having a business idea would be a great place to begin, but sometimes we need to talk to others to help solidify our plans.

Creating a simple website would definitely be the next best move, as this will help create credibility for your product or service and allow friends and family to view you in a more professional manner.

Why not let me help create a website you will love and shows off your business's best features?

Cheap websites

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is one of the most used programs. With it's simple design, it helps to create clean but professional websites for any Home Business.

And the wonderful thing is that every WordPress website is responsive, meaning it will automatically adjust it's size depending on what device your customer is using to view your website.

With multiple templates to choose from (and new ones being developed all the time) you can achieve any style you want for your website.

Read my article on what you should consider when styling your website (aka what colour palette to your Logo and Hiring an Illustrator)

Cooperation and collaboration for a home business website

Working Together

Sometimes all we want is for somebody to understand and help us on our entrepreneurial journey...

Let's work together to create a website that reflects you and your business in the best possible way. Through our conversations, we can decide what to focus on for your website... how you can turn your hobby into a part time or even full time job success.

I'll do my best to give you as many tips and guidance as possible to help you make the right decisions for your home based small business.

Female website designer

So... Who are you working with?

My name is Kelsey and Spider Web Designs is a solo operation.

Now that may seem unusual, but I think that the only way to make your dream come true is to keep things small and personal.

Because it's just you and me, there won't be excessive bills or unreasonable demands or problems with flexibility.

I guarantee to work toward YOUR dream, to help set you on your journey to financial and entrepreneurial freedom.

Get in touch and let's discuss what type of business you want to create and the best move forward for you.

I look forward to hearing from you

Get in touch: kels@kbtrading.co.za 


Your Budget Website Prices:

(Cheap Website Design)

You shouldn't have to break the bank in order to have a stylish website... 

I've tried to keep the pricing as low as possible,

but of coarse I am a one man band and you will basically be paying for my time which will be solely dedicated to your website and your website alone.

I have a policy of only taking on one client at a time, therefore ensuring my full attention on your stunning small business website.

Pricelist for Cheap Websites

Once Off Payment Packages:

  • R3000 - BASIC: Register Website, WordPress setup and basic set up - Includes up to 5 pages (WordPress install, adding photos, simple/basic word content)

  • R4500 - ADVANCED: Register Website, WordPress setup and setup of all content - Includes up to 5 pages (WordPress install, adding Photos, adding word content, adding social media, etc.)


  • R1500 - Complete SEO on website (If I add new pages to your website, you will need to pay again for the SEO of that page)

Require a simple Logo for your website? Let's Chat


I recommend you rather choose one of our Once Off Packages to save money upfront.

*If you already have a website registered there will be a fee to move it over to my Hosting Company

  • R200 - Register your website
  • R200 per month to host your website and/or maintain it every month
  • R500 per hour for changes to website
  • R250 per extra page
  • R200 add or remove Social Media Buttons (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+and YouTube)
  • R500 per hour for external website functions (Taking pictures of your products, etc.)

Require a simple Logo for your website? Let's Chat

Home Business Website Prilcelist
Cheap wordpress website colour

Selecting Your Website Colour Palette

In this article I explore the importance of consistency and how colour speaks to us on a subconscious level...

You may not even realize how swayed a customer can be by carefully selected images and colour layouts


Should I hire an Illustrator

Why You Should Hire An Illustrator

You may ask yourself the question, Why do I need an Illustrator? Is it worth the money?

I plan to make a case for the creative geniuses and how it can help create a unique look for your website or blog.


Going through the basics of website content

Your Business, Your Website: The Basics

We explore what you you need to consider when creating your website and future business model/plan.

We cover things like choosing a name to what kind of business you should start based on your skill set


Interested in more articles?


to visit the Blog Page


Some examples of the Simple WordPress Websites I've created

Lady Organics Website
Lady Organics Website


Lady Organics

Organic Feminine Hygiene Products for the health conscious women of South Africa 


A stylish Italian food supplier website

Metzco Rope Ladders Website
Metzco Rope Ladders Website


Metzco Rope Ladders

International safety ladder manufacturer


Titan Arms

A stunning 'Dark' theme that complements the products

KB Trading

An Import/Export company 

Organic Tampons

Simple One Page Themed Organic Tampons Landing page for all your Feminine Hygiene Product needs

Got an Idea

"Don't let your Idea become a regret from your past...

Don't let it slip through your fingers...

Let's start this journey together"

- Kelsey McKay